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1.How often do I need to replace the filter of the smoke purifier?


The frequency of cartridge replacement depends on the actual material used and the type of operation (cutting/carving), because the concentration and composition of smoke generated when different materials are cut/engrave will be different, for example, the amount of smoke generated by cutting paper and cutting wood boards will be different, and the amount of smoke from carving wood boards and cutting wood boards will also be different. So the frequency of filter  replacement will vary greatly for users with different usage scenarios. Light use may only need to replace the filter once every six months, while a heavy use may need to replace it once in less than a month. However, when the filter is clogged, the laser cartridge prompts you to replace the filter, the purifier will flash a red light, and the software will prompt to replace the filter.


2.How often do the laser tubes in the Laserbox need to be replaced?


The laserbox use a thermal spike CO2 laser tube with a lifetime of approximately 10,000 hours, depending on the actual use. Daily operation should try to keep the laser temperature at 0 - 35°C, because working in a high temperature environment will accelerate the aging of the laser tube.


3.Why do consumables such as basswood board deform over time?


Basswood is a wood composite material and has the same moisture absorption and deformation characteristics as ordinary wood, which is an inherent characteristic of wood. Although wood composite materials such as bass board structurally reduce the impact of moisture absorption and deformation, it is still necessary to pay attention to the storage environment during the use of the materials. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid excessive humidity in the storage environment, to avoid exposure to sunlight, and to avoid deformation caused by stress.

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