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001 How to perform the secondary calibration?

Due to the handling and processing of the machine, there may be a slight deformation in the structure of the machine, which will lead to a slight shift of the camera; so after the shift phenomenon, the machine needs to do the second calibration.


Secondary calibration video


1.the paper can not be warped, double-sided tape or solid adhesive on the back of the paper

2, the paper can not be dirty, otherwise the camera may be the identification error

3.the top cover of the machine can not be pressed debris, similar to computers or books, will lead to slight deformation, affecting the calibration effect

4.check whether the camera is loose after using for a long time, you need to use glue to fix it then perform calibration

5.the old version of the machine need to pay special attention to the hinge support effect


002 How to clean up the reflector and focusing mirror?

Focusing lens and reflector lens are more precise optical components, and for the fragile components, its cleanliness directly affects the cutting performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, regular maintenance of the focusing lens and reflector lens is very necessary, the correct operating procedure for cleaning the focusing lens is as follows.

  1. mirror frame to remove the focusing lens: loosen the fastening screws, remove the air nozzle and mirror barrel in turn; first blow the dust on the surface of the lens with a blowing balloon.
  2. If you really need to clean the lens, only use a laboratory grade paper soft cotton ball, dipped in an appropriate amount of acetone or high storage alcohol, and gently rub from the center of the lens in a clockwise direction rotating toward the edge. Both sides of the laser cutting machine lens need to be cleaned if necessary, and scrubbing should be done carefully and meticulously.
  3. Install the lens barrel and air nozzle, adjust the focal length, screw the fastening screws, focus lens installation, please be sure to keep the convex side down.


Maintenance of laser cutting machine focusing lens should pay attention to the following three points.

  1. focus lens material ZnSe (arsenic zincification), relatively brittle, afraid of falling; in the disassembly and installation should pay attention to: not too hard, and hard objects can not collide. The surface has a permeability-enhancing film, afraid of pollution, wet, oily, scuffed; so require the provision of dry, de-oiled air at work, never directly handle the lens of the laser cutting machine focusing lens with your hands, because the skin grease will produce permanent damage to the surface of the lens. Instead, you can operate with gloves and their special sets, and for smaller lenses, it is easier to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. Regardless of the method used to clamp the laser cutting machine focus mirror, it should only be clamped along non-optical surfaces, such as the frosted edge of the mirror plaque side.
  2. In general, the laser cutting machine focus mirror needs to be inspected before use and before and after cleaning. Because of the relatively small size of most contaminants and surface defects, we often need to use magnifying equipment when inspecting the lens. In addition to magnifying equipment, sometimes we need to shine a brighter light on the optical surface to enhance the intensity of the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects, so that they can be more easily detected.
  3. When cleaning a laser cutting machine focusing mirror, always use clean wiping paper and optical grade solvent to prevent damage by other contaminants. Wiping paper must be moistened with a suitable solvent and should never be used dry. In consideration of softness, the available wipes are cotton Webril wipes or applicators such as cotton balls, lens paper, and cotton swabs.

Laser cutting machine focusing lens is a consumable product, when cleaned several times after still can not reach a high degree of cleanliness need to pay attention to the replacement to ensure that the laser cutting machine processing efficiency, so as not to delay production.

PS: focus mirror installation note that when the convex side facing up, concave side facing down (laser head direction) installation.


004 How to clean the guide rail?

Avoid operators to touch the guide rail with their fingers, the salt in the sweat of the fingers will rust with the surface of the guide rail.

The dust from cutting boards will fall on the guide rail for a long time without cleaning, it will corrode with the surface of the guide rail and produce rust.

Cutting board dust will enter the slider, resulting in ball jams, friction increases, the movement will produce noise, affecting the running accuracy.

Regular (recommended once every half month) maintenance of the rail surface, so that its surface to keep clean, can prevent rust and corrosion, extend the service life.


Guide rail maintenance steps.

  1. Prepare materials: dust-free cloth, liquid lubricant (do not use machine oil).
  2. Wipe the surface of the rail with a dust-free cloth until it is bright and dust-free.
  3. Dust-free cloth dyed with a little lubricant applied to the surface of the guide, move the slider left and right, and then ensure that the entire surface of the guide is evenly coated.


005 How to clean the laser head?

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