What should I do if the camera window is distorted?

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Second calibration

Due to the handling and processing of the machine, there may be a slight deformation in the structure of the machine, which will lead to a slight shift of the camera; so after the shift phenomenon, the machine needs to do the second calibration.


1.the paper can not be warped, double-sided tape or solid adhesive on the back of the paper

2, the paper can not be dirty, otherwise the camera may be the identification error

3.the top cover of the machine can not be pressed debris, similar to computers or books, will lead to slight deformation, affecting the calibration effect

4.check whether the camera is loose after using for a long time, you need to use glue to fix it then perform calibration

5.the old version of the machine need to pay special attention to the hinge support effect


If above method still can not solve the issue ,Please try following method.


First-level calibration


1. Click the below link to download and unzip the first correct GUI file attached.  


   Click the below link to download the file and save it in C drive


(The software download  is at the bottom of the article)


2. open the software FirstCorrect_GUI.exe.


3. Place a 3mm  plate on honeycomb 


1. If there are no standard plates, flat 3mm basswood boards can work instead, as the above picture shown



4. Lay the white paper on top of the 3mm plate.

1. If there is no big white paper, could three A3 white papers could be used.

2. make sure all spots show on papers completely; the calibration point is beyond the white paper. Would you mind adjusting the white paper position and replacing it with a new white paper

3. Make sure the white paper is flat and clean; it is best not to let the paper warp; you can glue the                     corners of the paper with adhesive paper



5. Please do the first calibration following the order below:



1. Connect to the machine by clicking on Connect Laserbox.

2. Click on Process. Then the machine will start processing; please wait until it has been done.

Note: please keep the default setting on the software.

1. Click on Snapshot.

2. Click on Generate 

3. Click on Upload calibration file.



If the icon of each step on the left side turns green, it means the step is successful.

After finishing the first calibration, please do not perform the position calibration in laserbox software.





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