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1 How to update firmware for laserbox?

2. How to export the machine log file?

3. How to replace the drawing of the laser that you pick?



1 How to update firmware for laserbox?

The new version of firmware is released mainly to fix some problems existing in the old version and add some new functions. So when you receive the pop-up prompt of firmware update, it is recommended to select "Upgrade Now."


The computer needs to be online.

Of course, you can also check if the firmware on your machine is the latest version by checking manually. The steps are as follows.

  1. Download the latest version of the Laserbox software from the official website(
  2. After installing the software, connect the laser onto the software.
  3. Click "Check for updates" in the settings menu.mceclip7.png
  4. After the firmware update pop-up window appears, click "Upgrade Now" and wait for the update to complete (if the current firmware is already the latest version, the update pop-up window will not appear).


2. How to export the machine log file?

The role of log files: When the machine works abnormally. (such as abnormal engraving, laser head bumping, and other problems that are not easily reproducible), the log files can be exported and sent to R&D to analyze the reason.

There are two ways to export the logs: the computer software capture and Log tool capture.

1. computer software capture

First of all, make sure the software version is above v0.2.3; you can download the latest version of Laserbox software from Makeblock's official website.

Then open the software, connect the Laserbox, click the "Device Settings" menu in the upper left corner.


After entering this menu, select the "General Settings" option and click the "Export" button in the "Work Log" section to successfully export the logs.


1.Log tool capture

To use the Log Capture tool, you need to download the tool first.

Click Download

After the tool is downloaded, refer to the video for the operation.


3. How to replace the drawing of the laser that you pick?

Step 1: Drawing

Draw vector graphics in AI.

Red lines will be cut.

Black lines will be engraved.

the blue rectangle will be engraved with a signature in the middle; (can omit this step)

Once the drawing is completed, save the graphic as an.SVG file.

Note: The graphic size should be smaller than A4 format: 210mm x 297mm


The SVG document drawn cannot contain CSS (as shown below); the database does not support it; you need to delete the CSS and use it


Step 2: File naming

If you want to replace the first line of the first column of the case, then you should name the.SVG file as 0.SVG

If you want to replace the first row of the second column of the case, then you have to name it.SVG file as 1. SVG

Other naming rules and so on...


Step 3: Compress the file

Select the SVG file, click the right mouse button and select "Add to zip file...".

Select the format of the compressed file as.

(Note that the ZIP format must be selected when compressing, you cannot change the suffix in other zip formats, it will fail to read).

The naming of the compressed file cannot contain Chinese.

Step 4: Replace the drawing.

After connecting Laserbox, select Preferences > Replace Drawing > Select Compressed File.


Note: the source file of the laser that you pick please download as follow up


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