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1. Description of processing mode

2. Notes

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Secrets



Offline processing function is a fully automatic processing method of laserbox, using adaptive parameter configuration system, and has certain requirements for the environment; if you want to get the idea offline processing works, Please read the following instructions carefully.

1. Description of processing mode

Offline processing includes three modes, ‘Laser what you draw,’ ‘laser what you draw Pro,’ and ‘laser what you pick’; the basic requirement of processing refer to the below pictures.



(Caution: Different machine versions will support different modes, please log in to to inquiry the details )


2. Notes

(1) please ensure that the size of the drawing board is the same with A4 paper (210mm*297mm), and please place it as below pictures




(2) Please use the official recommended drawing board. Avoid using materials that reflect light as draw bards; reflective material interferes with recognizing the drawing board, the red pen, and the black pen.



(3)Please use the official recommended brand of markers to write and draw, avoid offline processing out by ordinary printers; The ink of ordinary printers will produce reflections

That interferes with the recognition of red and black pens.



(4) Please avoid using darker background or textured material as a drawing board. This will affect recognition of the red pen and black pen and the automatic position selection function.



(5) Please take care to avoid the sudden changes in brightness in the drawing board, such as shadows, creases, impurities, etc. Bigger sudden changes in brightness may interfere with recognizing the drawing board, red pen, black pen, and the automatic position selection function.


(6)Do not process objects that are too small, too fine the too small object may be considered noise and rejected, the detail of fine structure will be lost, The effective object size for processing should be no less than 4mm*4mm.


(7)When drawing, please note that when there are problems such as broken strokes and uneven strokes, you need to make up stokes (or change strokes)


(8)Please use a pen width greater than 2mm for drawing; finer brushes may produce broken strokes.


(9)Please keep a distance of more than 2mm when using red and black pen drawings


(10)Please do not close the ring code when drawing; drawing close to the ring code may be rejected as noise


(11)Do not draw close to the border of material; the range of 1cm inward from the material border is the basis of automatic recognition of the drawing board, So please keep it clean and tidy


(12)When Perform ‘laser what you draw Pro’ and ‘laser what you pick’ mode, ensure that the processed area (which is required to be avoided by laser box when selecting the position ) needs a line width greater than 2mm.



3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 Why is offline processing not executed?

Please double-check all the above notes; other common causes are as follows.

(1)The corresponding processing mode is not checked in the advanced options of the upper computer.

(2) No ring code is attached to the board.

(3)The processing area does not have enough blank areas.


3.2 What should I do if the drawing-as-you-go processing location is offset from the actual drawing location?

Please place the drawing content as far as possible directly below the camera.

We will continue to improve the accuracy to reduce the offset; in the current version of LaserBox, if the offset is less than 2mm, it is normal; if the offset is greater than 2mm, please try to perform a secondary calibration.


3.3 Can I use other colors of pens to write and draw?

Please do not use colors other than black or red pens, as the possible results are not defined.


4. Secrets

(1) For the drawing-as-you-draw mode, how can I avoid reworking the processed area?

Please connect the processed area to the edge of the drawing board with a thick black pen (larger than 2mm) as shown in the picture, and it will not be processed again.






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