Upgrade Firmware for P2 in XCS

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  1. How to upgrade firmware for P2 in XCS

Find and click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of XCS to enter the firmware settings and click "Check for updates".
  1. Firmware Upgrade Notes for P2

  • Please keep the network smooth;
  • Please keep the P2 connection stable, and do not let the computer go into an abnormal state such as hibernation or shutdown;
  • During the firmware upgrade process, please do not turn off the P2;
  • After the firmware installation package is downloaded, it will automatically enter the installation program. During the installation process, the P2 will be disconnected for a short time, which is a normal phenomenon; after the firmware is installed, the P2 can be reconnected;
  1. How to deal with firmware upgrade failure

  • Check whether the network connection is abnormal. If the network is abnormal, you can wait for the network to recover before upgrading the firmware;
  • Check whether the device connection is normal, it is recommended to use the USB cable to connect and then re-upgrade the firmware;
  • The firmware has actually been updated, but the error on the XCS shows that the update failed. Restart the XCS software, enter the firmware settings, and check whether the firmware version is updated. If there is an update, the firmware update is successful;
  • The firmware upgrade fails due to abnormal conditions such as computer hibernation or shutdown, sudden power failure of P2, etc. Restart the P2 and the computer and perform the firmware upgrade again.

If the above information does not help you, please contact the xTool after-sales team: support@info.xtool.com

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