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It may take you some time to understand the functions of xTool Creative Space (XCS) if you haven't used it before.

Let's begin by exploring its user interfaces.

Homepage Menus Project naming box

Vertical toolbar

Horizontal toolbar Canvas
Device connection panel Processing parameters panel Preview window


The homepage is displayed each time when you open XCS.

On the homepage, you can see the menus, toolbars, naming box, device connection panel, and processing parameters panel.



  • Settings: opens the software setting window, where you can set the general functions of the software or update the firmware of a device
  • File: opens the drop-down menu box, where you can choose to create, open, or save a project, or import an image


Project naming box

Double-click to edit the name of the project. You can set or modify a project name.


Vertical toolbar


  • Image: click to import an image
  • Insert: click and select to draw a basic shape
  • Shape: click to insert a shape
  • Text: click to insert a text
  • Vector: click to draw a vector path
  • Select: click to select one or more elements
  • Hand: click to move the canvas by dragging it

Image setting panel

If you import a bitmap image, the image setting panel is displayed when you select the image.


Text setting panel

After you insert a text, the text setting panel is displayed when you select it.


Horizontal toolbar

  • Undo: cancels the last action
  • Redo: performs the last action again
  • Outline: adds an outline to an element
  • Array: creates multiple copies of an element at a time
  • Smart fill: duplicates a design element for multiple materials
  • Group: groups two or more elements
  • Ungroup: ungroups the grouped elements
  • Align: aligns two or more elements
  • Arrange: arranges the order of an element
  • Combine: combines two or more vector paths
  • Reflect: reflects an element horizontally or vertically
  • Position: sets the position of an element on the canvas by the x and y coordinates
  • Size: displays or sets the size of an element
  • Rotate: rotates an element by angle


You can design or edit elements for processing on the canvas.


Device connection panel

You can click Connect device to connect your device.


After you connect a device, the settings icon is displayed, and you can click it to open the device setting window.

Use xTool D1 Pro as an example.


The device setting window varies according to device. For details, see the user guide of how to use XCS to operate your device.

Processing parameters panel

You need to set the processing type, processing mode, speed, and power for a design element before processing it on a material. Processing parameters vary according to design element type.

Use xTool D1 Pro as an example.


Preview window

You can click Process to enter the Preview window.

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