The Machine Stops Mid-Job

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D1 and D1 Pro with all laser modules.


Issue Description

Sometimes you may find the machine stops during processing as if the work is completed while XCS shows it's still in progress or completed. You may also see an error message saying that the machine is disconnected. This issue can be caused by various reasons. In this article, we will help you narrow the causes down and provide a fix.


#1 Check the USB Cable

  1. Make sure your machine and the computer are properly connected.
  2. See if the USB port or the cable is loose. If everything is good, we can move on to the next step.


#2 Check the Connection Method

  1. Check if you are connected under USB mode.
  2. If so, please try changing the connection method to Wi-Fi. 

Note: We recommend that you use the XCS software to operate the machine under Wi-Fi Connection mode. Lightburn is also an option but it only supports the USB connection mode.


#3 Check the Laser Module

  1. Disconnect the laser module from the machine, and start processing again.
  2. See if the machine can complete the whole job without the laser module.
  3. If so, the laser module may be short circuit. Contact tech support.


#4 Check the Motherboard

  1. Check if the indicator on the motherboard is flashing.
  2. Check if XCS says the machine is disconnected.
  3. If you see the above, the motherboard may be faulty. Contact tech support.


#5 If None of the Above Works

  1. Please contact tech support for further advice.
  2. Tell us if XCS say the processing is complete.
  3. Take a video or photo of the issue in action.
  4. Provide your project file, gcode file, machine log.
  5. Please refer to this article on how to report the issue to us:
    Things You Can Do to Help Tech Support Troubleshoot Faster for You :)

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