Manually Focus the xTool 1064nm Infrared Laser Module

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  • So, what you are saying is that the installed "focusing" fork on the back of the IR module (the same one that you use to focus all of the other diode modules) is useless on the IR Laser.  Your You Tube video seems to imply that you have to manually focus the IR laser by disconnecting the Y axis cord, turn on the laser at high power and low speed, import a graphic and watch the white ball of laser light when you activate the "Start" button (I assume you mean to put on your protective glasses, even though you don't state that on the video).  Then you manually slide the laser up and down until you "think" it is in the right position.  I'm also assuming that you have to do this EVERY TIME YOU USE THE IR LASER WITH A PIECE OF MATERIAL THAT DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE YOU USED BEFORE.

    I can't believe that this "guess work" is the best solution you can come up with to focus my $500+ IR Laser.   I was an early adopter of the 1064 Laser - stayed up for 2 hours to be one of the first ones to buy the IR Laser the night you launched it.  Since you are aware of this short coming, I'm very disappointed with your lack of initiative to provide us with a good solution for what is obviously a flaw in your technology for this laser.

    Please respond with your intentions to provide a practical solution to this problem.


    Jay Fox

  • I agree. I just got mine and let me tell you: if I return it, and there is 90% chance for that, you will not deduct a cent. It is, in the best case, a beta version.

    1. Website says with big letters: all metal. Not true.

    2. Setting the focus is a joke. I have a D1 and due to the big size I hardly can secure that screw that holds the laser head.

    3. You have to do this focus setting all the time for EVERYTHING????? Bullshit, sorry for my languate. That bottle opener at the side is about 6-7 mm shorter, otherwise could be used. Make the change, don't force your customers to damage their eyes. The provided green glasses will not block IR wavelength.



  • I have corresponded via emails several times to no avail, trying to find answers on how to fix the red framing box on my 1064 IR used with D1. When I try to engrave on an 18 mm piece of jewelry in Xtool creative space or using Lightburn, and I get it all set up and hit "frame," the laser does NOT engrave in the area it frames. I need to know how to calibrate or fix the framing laser. It is causing me to ruin my material. Please let me know how to do this.  Please respond, 

    Teresa Wills



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