How to Write an Effective Prompt for xArt
Updated Nov 16,2023
Updated Nov 16,2023

We have added a new feature in XCS called xArt, the AI-generated art tool! Well, if you haven't tried it, we highly recommend downloading the latest XCS and giving it a go. But here's the thing - to get the best results, you need to know how to write an effective prompt. A good prompt is the foundation for creating a unique and visually appealing piece of art. It should include a central theme, style, and mood, among other details. And that's why we're here to help you with our tips on how to write an effective prompt for xArt!


How to Prompt

Enter a detailed descriptive sentence in the text box, similar to a photo caption. Include as many details as you can, like color, style, and mood, then click "Generate" to create your image.

We've provided some prompt elements below to help kickstart your creativity. 


Core Prompts

Begin by entering a detailed descriptive sentence in the text box, like a photo caption. Your prompt should have these 3 core elements:

Subject description: subject, scene, and action
Environmental scene: the light, atmosphere, and color.
Angle of view: such as a close-up, two-point perspective, wide-angle lens, depth of field, front view, or full-body photo.

These simple prompts lay the foundation for your image.




Built-In Styles

Style plays a crucial role in your prompt, impacting the final image. Below the text box, we've included built-in keywords for various styles to help create images more suitable for laser engraving.


Our styles include Line art, Paper cut, Lowpoly art, Silhouette, Steampunk, Realistic, Gothic, Minimalist, Zentangle, and Typography.


Here is a preview of what they look like:


Artist Reference

To make the image more specific, add an artist's name in your prompt. For instance, "in the style of Monet" or simply "Monet" for an impressionist image. You can try different artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh for exciting results.

For example, your prompt could be: An oil painting of a puppy by Leonardo da Vinci and Frederic Edwin Church

You can either use a single artist's name or type several artists at one time to generate interesting, unprecedented images.



Enhance Laser-working Compatibility

You can generate grayscale images for laser engravings, and remember to emphasize background color and contrast. If you prefer clear lines, a vector effect, and a fixed color, include keywords in your description like:

Black and white vector picture of an astronaut playing the guitar in space

Images with solid color backgrounds and stronger color contrast are more suitable for laser engraving. Therefore, when writing a prompt, you can specify the background color and scale of contrast. This will help to generate a more visually appealing image that suitable for engraving



More Examples

To create stunning photos, good ideas need precise prompts. Here are some effective prompts to inspire your creativity:


A queen tarot card, intricate 3d depth details, 8k, sci-fi setting, bright color scheme, aura, aesthetic



An old lighthouse standing tall against the crashing waves of an ocean storm.

Portrait of a roaring blue and white neon skeleton dragon with fangs and iridescent black markings.

A bunny sitting in a garden full of blooming flowers, holding a basket of Easter eggs



Negative prompt

A negative Prompt is used to describe elements that you DON'T want to see in the result. This feature allows you to remove objects, styles, or any weird elements from the image.

Here are some examples of negative keywords:

ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, out of frame, extra limbs, disfigured, deformed, body out of frame, bad anatomy, watermark, signature, cut off, low contrast, underexposed, overexposed, bad art, beginner, amateur, distorted face, poorly rendered face, poor facial details, poorly rendered hands, low resolution...

Ready, set, create! Enjoy the magic of AI drawing in XCS.


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